V-Blox Corporation

  • David Mulvaney
    President & CEO
  • Scott Hartley
    VP of Operations
  • Chris Yazdiya
    Director of Marketing
  • John Boggs
    West Coast Sales

About Us

V-Blox® Corporation, is committed to providing state-of-the-art energy saving products and voltage protection. Since 1998, V-Blox has been manufacturing superior surge protection devices and power factor correction products that help businesses all over the world protect and save. More importantly, V-Blox adapts to the changing markets and world around us.

Introducing Lifetime Lights and CoolProEM. V-Blox didn’t just get into the LED industry, V-Blox has helped shape the LED industry with superior lighting in an industry that does not always look at quality over quantity. The CoolProEM (Energy Management System) was developed after years of working with professionals in the energy saving industry and HVAC/R industry. It’s a marriage of both worlds that creates a solution of monitoring, optimization and energy savings.

V-Blox products and lighting solutions have been installed all over the world and will continue to provide savings for years to come.